WordPress Hosting Multi-Region Cluster for Enterprise Website

WordPress Hosting for Enterprise Availability and Performance. The application will be distributed as clusters across several regions within one cloud to ensure automatic fault-tolerance and low latency read operations for the users based on their location.

Multi-Region WordPress Hosting for Enterprise Availability and Performance

Multi-Region Cluster Topology

MariaDB Asynchronous (Async) Primary / Replica Distribution with the required number of regions from 2 to 5.
MariaDB Synchronous (Sync) Galera Cluster Distribution with a required number of regions from 3 to 5.
Sync Galera Cluster Distribution

It has a replication scheme segmented as 3 nodes in Region 1, 2 nodes in Region 2 and 2 nodes in Region 3. 

Async Primary/Replica Distribution

Shared Storage Auto-Cluster

A shared storage auto-cluster is used to keep static assets in each Region. This is a redundant clustered storage array, also known as a distributed file system or, as the GlusterFS documentation mentions, a trusted storage pool.

GlusterFS Cluster Shared Storage

Multi-Region WordPress Cluster Installation

  • Configure application servers and their scaling
  • Set up load balancing for traffic distribution
  • Clusterize databases, tune replication and connection
  • Configure scalable network filesystem storage and cache server
  • Deploy and configure WordPress application
  • Add SSL certificate
  • Enable add-ons for domain binding, CDN, file synchronization, etc.
  • Control and perform updates of the servers
  • Cluster overload prevention
  • Custom domain binding
  • Enable WordPress multisite network mode

Let’s take a walk via the installation steps.

Galera Cluster as database topology

In case the average result is less than or equal to 20ms we recommend using Galera Cluster as database topology and if the latency is more than 20ms use Primary/Replica distribution.

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