Summary note NAS Synology

Model: NAS DS412+, RS814

How to choose between different RAID?

What is Synology Hybrid RAID

RAID Calculator

How to join the Synology NAS to the LDAP directory service

How to access files on Synology NAS within the local network (NFS)

How can I recover data from my DiskStation using a PC?

In the unfortunate event your DiskStation fails, you’ll probably want to recover the data stored on its hard drives. Data stored on the DiskStation’s hard drives can be easily recovered using an Ubuntu live CD and your computer. Please see the steps below.

Prepare a PC with enough hard drive slots available to install the hard drives from your DiskStation.
Remove the hard drives from your DiskStation and connect them to your computer. For RAID or SHR configurations, you’ll have to connect all the hard drives (excluding hard drives used as hot spares) to your computer at the same time.
Note: Please make sure the file system running on the hard drives of your Synology DiskStation is EXT4, which is the native file system for DSM 3.0 and onward.

How to repair volumes on Synology NAS

How to expand volumes or Disk Groups by adding hard disks to Synology NAS

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