MikroTik RouterOS เราท์เตอร์ขั้นเทพ


  • Policy Routing
  • Routing Protocols ( RIP, OSPF, BGP)
  • Load Balancing

Tunnels and VPN

  • PPTP
  • Ethernet over IP (EoIP) MikroTik RouterOS protocol
  •  IPSec (IP Security)
  • Bridging
  • Interface Bridging
  • Transparent Bridging of Remote LANs
  • Bandwidth Management
  • Queuing
  • Bandwidth Limiting on PPP Connections (PPP, PPPoE, PPPTP)


  • Web Proxy
  • DNS Cache
  • Router and Network Administrator
  • Remote Router Administrator (GUI, Telnet, FTP, SSH
  • Network Administrator (Ping, Traceroute, Bandwidth Tester, Torch real-time monitor, Sniffer

Wireless Setups

  • Wireless Access Point
  • Wireless Client

Modem Setups

  • Dial-In Server
  • Dial-Out (PPP)
  • Modem Pool (Radius Authentication, PAP, CHAP)


  • Filtering rules
  • Peer to peer filtering (p2p programs like Kazaa, emule, DC and others)
  • Masquerading
  • Network Address Translation (NAT)
  •  Logging


  • HotSpot Gateway
    • User accounting by time, data transferred/received
    • Bandwidth shapping
    • Quota (session-timeout, downloaded/uploaded traffic limit)
    • DHCP server
    • Radius Accounting
    • Read-time user status information
  • User Management System
    • Printing out HotSpot user vouchers
    • Accounting the usage time since the first log in
    • Complete solution for any small or medium size hotel
    • Real-time user status information
Mikrotik HotSpot Solution
Mikrotik HotSpot Solution

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